Why I am writing this blog

The first post that WordPress automatically writes for you, and that I have subsequently deleted, is titled “Hello World!”


Hello to all of you out there who will one day read these words. I hope that there are more of you than less, but either way, I am so excited to have a place that I can begin to explore this wonderful & crazy world of being a doctor’s wife.

Now, before you get too excited about all the wisdom that I shall soon begin to pour out of my little keyboard & into your lap, let me give one HUGE disclaimer.

I don’t know much.

Actually, I don’t know much of anything. But I do know this: life as a doctor’s wife does not have to be lonely, depressing, full of stuff but not relationship, and lonely. It can be full of life and hope. And that is why I am writing this blog. I believe in Hope. I believe in Life. I believe that it is fully possible to have a wonderful marriage & family while being married to a medical spouse.

That is my disclaimer. I hope you enjoy the journey as much as I do.


2 responses to this post.

  1. Hi Mimi,
    Am I your first comment? How cool!
    Just wanted to say that I am enjoying your pics. I didn’t know you were a photographer, and a talented one at that.
    Wishing yall a Merry Christmas and a BLESSED 2010!


  2. As crazy as this is to be posting on your first blog. I was actually pretty inspired by your posts that I actually sat here and read backwards from your most recent to the very first one you did (yes a few posts I am sure I skimmed, but a lot of them were extremely inspirational to me!) I found your blog by looking for a blog of a train conductors wife and somehow in my search i discovered this. I then realized whether its a train conductors wife or a doctors wife its the same way (they both are workers that are on call at anytime and in one way or another whether you say your married a doctor or married to a railroad worker life turns out the same in a sense.) I have just started my journey in which you have a little experience (but they say you seek the advice of the knowledgable and thats why I have felt drawn to your blog.) You are an inspiration, I feel a proverbs 31:10-31 wife, a caring and I will say noble wife/woman. At moments I sat here thinking can I really do this, can I marry a man that is on call at all times of the night and even gone for long periods of time, but then I started reading your blog and I would love to say that God had you write this blog just for me, but I know there are several people out there that are thanking you for this as well! I just want to say thank you for letting God and the Holy Spirit flow through you writing these blogs ( I am sure some of them you might say you wrote them just because, but that just because was a reason for some person that lives thousands of miles away from you to read them as well and God use your blog to inspire that other reader!) I do know with God anything is possible and I just want to say I pray that you keep God continually in your life and that you and your husband continue to have a blessed marriage. I know there will be days that are hard, but you both will get through those (maybe read up on some posts from a while back)… 🙂 Have a wonderful christmas and bring in the New Year celebrating the God in your lives as well as the marriage you two hold! 🙂


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