Day VIII & IX: Sabbath & Scarf


I took Monday off to hang out with my sister & a dear friend. It was nice.

Day IX:

This picture could also be called “Boredom”, since I was incredibly bored and sat in my room taking pictures.

Joel also submitted the name “Scarf-face”

Original found here


6 responses to this post.

  1. Is that you mel? Your eyes are stunning! Absolutely love the color combination! love love love it 🙂 P.S. great eyebrows!


  2. “will upload the original.” does that mean the shot has been manipulated?


    • Jeremy, no clue where you can get a sticker like that! The shot was taken in Kenya, I have a feeling it was personally designed

      Yes, this 30 days of “blogrimage” is for me to practice my photo taking & editing skills. I use Photoshop on all my pictures.


      • man, what an ignorant question i asked. I apologize; I read your first post before, I just can’t keep these blogs straight.

        Anyway, I like seeing the original beside the edited photo. You’re talented at both taking and editing photos.

      • Thanks…hope to get LOTS better, but I am enjoying the journey!

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