Day XI & Day XII

Hello dear friends & readers,

I spent almost 12 hours shadowing my husband in surgery yesterday. It was awe-inspiring, a little frighting, and a wonderful glimpse into my husband’s world.

I hope to tell you lots more about that journey after this 30-day blogrimage.

O yea, I also took some great pictures. Will post my favorite(s) after playing with them a little.

But, here are two pictures, one for yesterday & one for today. The theme is worldly.

Day XI:

Flags that fly at a school up the road from us (the Rift Valley Academy). It is one of the largest missionary-kid/expatriate boarding schools in Africa.

Original here

Day XII:

A great view of the Rift Valley, taken from the window of the car as we were driving up early Monday morning to Kijabe from my parent’s house. It was the clearest I have seen it since we got here. Hopefully it’s a small picture of how breathtaking it is.

Original here


2 responses to this post.

  1. amazing pictures. I love the second. And the first..I really like the blurred edges.


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