We have….liftoff??

I am sitting amidst piles of clothes, boxes, furniture, odds & ends and probably lots of junk..mentally chastising myself. “June 1st?? Why did I promise to start this site back up on JUNE 1st? Why not July 1st, or December 1st, or January 1st, 2054??”

Of all the days I picked, I picked this one. The one where we decided to move a whole lot of stuff into storage. Nice.

A year ago we moved into a small duplex on the “historical” side of town. We thought it would be a great way to save money (it has been), and a short term solution before we were to spend several months in Africa.
Well, we got back from that trip and couldn’t justify moving out. The rent is UNBELIEVABLY cheap, and the space is livable. Because of the aforementioned reasons of moving here, however, we had turned one of the rooms into a storage room. Well, since it looks like we are here for the long haul, we thought we should move that stuff out (sell a bunch of it on Craigslist) and make the space more livable.


June 1st.

Case in point that I just had to pause writing this wonderful post to go run a few errands (read, get our storage unit) and now that I am back I need to try & fix my mess of hair before we go eat with friends.

I have 20 minutes.

Lord help us all.

With that off my chest…welcome!

I hope this is a place of solace & comfort for many women. A place of life & hope for wives. A place of truth for those of us who have been called to stand alongside a medical professional.

There are lots of things on my heart to share.
But for today, you get exactly what’s happening…

Enjoying the journey 🙂



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  1. I love you 🙂 you’ll make it!!


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