Making our living

In a few short weeks the Dr. will bring in a salary. After four years of working through medical school, he is so excited to be able to actually bring home a paycheck! You can imagine how excited we both are at this prospect.

I am also in the process of looking for a a full-time job, so for the first time ever we will be a DINK couple. And we plan to spend it all on STUFF, lots and lots of STUFF!!!!!

A new house, a boat, a villa in the Hamptons…
It’s going to be great.

Or. not.

So here we come upon on one of the quandaries  of medical living: MONEY. That dreaded thing that causes many to abandon all thoughts of reason and regard and gallivant off to find all the stuff their little hearts desire.

Or, as my aunt once told me “It will all be worth it once you are dripping in diamonds”


Now, lest you think that the dear Dr. is about to rake in the millions, let me comfort your heart by saying that his starting salary at as a resident is considered “low middle class” by the people who make up these silly divisions. And yet, we are all of the sudden faced with a better income we have ever had, even if I don’t get any sort of a job.

Challenge: Learning to live as a rich person.

note: not an actual picture of the author

Think you aren’t in that category? Think again
An “average” teachers salary in Oklahoma (the 47th lowest in the nation) is in the top 10% of best salaries in the world.

A lot of time on this blog will be spent meeting the challenges of what it means to live in a place where I have expendable income. You are most likely in that place too.

So I thought it might be fun to take that journey together.
Join me.



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