Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend….

Thought I would take a minute to share some of the random things in my head today. Because it’s Monday, and because I know how much you want to hear them.

1. Last week I became part of a demi-cult.

Okay, not really….
Some dear friends of our left the city after 8 years, and we had a small gathering of people who had been a part of the same community for said years. After drinking ourselves silly on Arizona tea, we all got a little crazy and proceeded to put on burn-on anklets. These are attached semi-permanently by burning the two ends of piece of hemp and then sticking them together.

Please excuse the carnivorous foot. Someone had a little too much sweet tea and was trying to play footsie with his wife. At least that’s what he said…doesn’t quite look like footsies to me, but to each their own.

The deal is whichever couple can keep theirs on the longest wins. The winnings? The two other couples have to road trip to see them.
Sweet doggie, I plan to win.

2. My house got hit by a train.

It’s been quite overwhelming. I have been overwhelmed.

So I escape by writing blog posts.

3. We bought a couch!

Hot dog. My first real sofa in my whole life.
It’s coming in 2 weeks & I can’t WAIT to get it. It will be a light mint green.
It will be awesome.

I keep telling my husband that I am ready to have a “grown-up house”. Somehow it still feels a lot like a college home. Which is understandable seeing as how the darling Dr. has been in school for the last forever. Those days are coming to a close.

There are lots more pics to come of our house as we refurnish it, but we were pretty excited to walk out of the store with this beauty (theoretically walk out with it, I mean).

4. I really enjoyed this post today.

Two secrets to keeping your house on track

From Like Mother, Like Daughter
One of my favorite sites.

Goodbye for now!

Enjoying the journey,

~ Melissa


4 responses to this post.

  1. Thanks so much for the link and for letting me know about it! I’m very glad you enjoyed the post. Of course, it will do you no good right now, judging by the other picture here 😉

    I like your couch a lot, and I’m glad it will be light mint green and not that boring beige color!!


  2. Also congratulations on your new adventure!


  3. Link any time, really 😉


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