When he’s gone: my top 7 survival tips (#4)

Well…maybe this post should be called what to do when I’m gone…

Sorry it’s been a while. And I didn’t even post Thousand Word Thursday??

Boo on me.
No good excuses.

I’m baaack!

I have been slowly working my way through a survival list of what to do when your darling spouse is gone for long stretches at a time. Of course, nothing like what our amazing military wives have to go through, but it can be strenuous nonetheless.

Here’s Survival Tip #7, Survival Tip #6 and Survival Tip #5

Survival Tip #4:

Photo credit: College Magazine

I have no idea how much the dear Dr. and I have texted over the past four years…but let me say this: it’s ALOT. We both have unlimited texting & we use it. We text all the time about everything. It helps keep us connected.

If you both have Iphones, you could even use that new gismo “Face Time”, which we used today…it’s pretty unbelievable.

Or, if he’s somewhere that cell phone don’t reach (my hubby spent a month in aforementioned place), do what I did. Call the hospital & talk to him. Those nurses got to know my voice well 🙂

There could be lots more said about this.
How writing a letter & sending it to him could be exactly what he needs.
Or having a phone “date”, where you just spend time talking. Come up with a list of fun questions to ask each other. Pretend like your dating.
Or you could do like some of my friends and just call each other, put the phone on speaker and keep doing what you were before, just talking to each other as you think of things (almost as if you were in the same room).

However and whatever way you choose, choose to communicate.
It will make all the difference.

Enjoying the journey!
~ Melissa


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