When he’s gone: my top 7 survival tips (#3)

As a physician’s wife (or sometimes, just as a wife), we often have to face many hours, days and weeks without the one we love. During our fourth year of medical school my darling Dr. spent 3 months (out of 4 in a row) on rotations away from home.

I am taking time to talk about ways to survive during these absences.

Here is Survival Tip #7, Survival Tip #6, Survival Tip #5, and Survival Tip #4

Today’s Survival Tip?

#3: Remember the days of yore
(i.e. what used to fill your time before you were married?)

“Young Woman at Piano” by Julius LeBlanc Stewart

Now, before you run off and say that I am proposing your forget all about your covenant and start acting like a crazy single lady….let me just clarify: that’s NOT what I am saying.

What I am urging you to do is to enjoy this time you have to do some things that are more difficult when you are occupied with taking good care of that wonderful man.


Watch oldies. Three in a row. And don’t make dinner. Just have toast and tea.

Have a girl’s sleepover. Watch some great chick flicks (which, if they are the right ones, will ultimately make you fall more in love with your wonderful husband)

Stay at a bookstore until it closes.

Rejuvenate your heart, body and mind by fasting for a while (which becomes much harder to do after marriage, at least I have found)

Go home and hang out with your family. (Ok, you can do this one with your husband too, but it can be some precious time without him.)

Take a class (pottery, cooking, or a piano a la Mr. Julius LeBlanc Stewart)

You get the picture.
As a bonus, when your dearest gets home you will have all sorts of fun stories to tell him, and maybe even a new skill.

Enjoy the journey,
~ Melissa


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Jamie on July 9, 2010 at 12:50 pm

    Melissa! I love your site…especially this series since my hubby has been away from me for the past four months. I decided to learn how to bake bread while he was gone…which was wonderful because he will have absolutely no recollection of the many bricks I’ve accidentally made! This is Jaclyn’s old roomy by the way. I’ve been stalking your site and decided I’d finally make myself known since I’ve been really enjoying reading!


    • Jamie! Of course I remember you 🙂 I didn’t know your husband traveled! Blessings on you as you lean on His grace through these times. I am SO glad you enjoy it, it blessed my heart to no end to know that there are people out there receiving life & encouragement! I LOVE baking bread, although I still have to get the kneading thing down. I will actually be posted a bread recipe in the next few days (it needs a little tweaking, but it’s fun to start with)..so keep an eye out!
      Thanks for stalking. Every day I get to see the number of people who come to the blog, but I never know who they are, so thanks for making yourself known!


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