Follow me as I follow….

Hi there friends!

I thought you should all know that I have added an RSS feed link to the side of my blog. If you have used a reader (note, if you follow more than 3 blogs…you should…they are AWESOME) then you can now RSS my site!

For all of you who have no idea what I am talking about, a reader (like Google Reader) is a place where you enter in the RSS link & it will collect all of the updated blog posts from various spots.

Here’s a shot of mine. I follow so many that I have them subcategorized into folders. All you have to do is have a gmail account (or sign up for one), go to the Reader site (which you can easily find under the list of sites Google has), and then press “Add a subscription”

Or, you can just hit the little RSS feed button on the right side of my blog and it will walk you through the steps (you do already have to have a reader set up though)

So, follow me! And “A Doctor’s Wife” will come to you, and you will never miss out on a $10 Starbucks giveaway again.

The End.

Enjoying the journey, and would love to have you with me on it…
~ Melissa


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