Project Simplify: I rocked the yard sale

Remember this?

I am on a process of simplifying our belongings in an effort to not be so held by this crazy consumer world we live in. I have had some success with Craigslist, but I decided to break out the big guns and have a yard sale…

Now, completely forgetting that I have pretty much never actually been to a yard sale, I decided to jump in and have one anyway! Because who needs to know what they are doing?

Not me.

The first morning dawned bright and early. I had put signs out the night before, and then they promptly got rained on, so I wasn’t sure what the response would be. Several amazing friends helped me throughout this process and I am so glad they did – couldn’t have done it alone!

I contemplated finding tables & the etc, but end the end decided to go African style and just put down tarps.

It was HOT.
Like 112 degrees with heat index.

But people still came! Slowly, but surely. I closed the sale down at around 1pm on both Friday & Saturday.

Thankfully on Saturday my amazing Dr. was around to keep me company! 🙂

I sold nearly everything,
made several hundred dollars in the process,
and turned a whole bunch of this:

into money!

One of the most helpful blogs I read about how to pull of a yardsale is here by one of my very favorite bloggers, the Nester.

Overall, I am really proud of myself!

Next up..what I did with what didn’t sell! 🙂

Hope you are enjoying the journey,
~ Melissa


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