Every year my darling Dr. and I take time to stop in at a tea shop and enjoy a beverage together while we dream about the new year.

We use napkins.
All brilliant ideas are written on napkins.

And somewhere between the steaming tea, our pens and those napkins – our hearts are laid bare.

We dream of what could be, what should be. We dream for our own individual journey, and we dream of where we could go together.

It is one of my favorite traditions. Which it is, since it has been happening more  than one year in a row. When you are in the early years of marriage, it doesn’t take too many years before something becomes tradition.

And it is one I savor.

All of our hopes and wishes fall into general categories: social, physical, spiritual, adventure, creative, wifely (or husbandly, as would be appropriate). And then we each make up a few categories of our own. One of my new ones this year? C.O.O.
Because I am the Chief Operating Officer of our home. And I have a few goals in that department.

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This is one of my goals as C.O.O. this year – to plant a garden. I plan on taking you all with me on that journey, and I hope to learn a lot….about gardening, about myself and about God.

I also have dreams for this blog. Dreams to continue to find ways to tell you about the journey I am on, and to hopefully encourage your heart along the way. I want to share so many things with you about my marriage, having a child, growing a garden, putting my house in order and discovering more and more about a God who loves me and cares for me.

Come with me, let’s share our journey together.

What about you? What dreams do you have for 2011? What projects and plans for the new year? Do you make new years goals? Why or why not?


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  1. Posted by Deborah Chandler on January 6, 2011 at 7:18 am

    I always make goals for the new year. Reasonable ones that will better my life and the lives of my family. I like to be very specific when it comes to my personal goals. So, this year one of my personal goals for myself is to truly love people and believe the best of them. I tend to be fairly critical in my mind and I don’t believe that is really loving the way Christ would. One of our joint goals as husband and wife is our children. Specifically to build relationships with them. Our oldest is six, time is passing quickly and we will only have them for so long. One of my other goals is to can some tomatoes. I had a baby last june in the peak of my tomato harvest and wasn’t able to can them. This year will be different!
    All the best on reaching your goals. Can’t wait to read about them.
    I haven’t updated my blog recently but if you want to read it here it is:


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