A clean page

“I make all things new”….

I love new beginnings.
The start of the year, when the pages of my journal are neat and clean, and there is nothing yet written.

So much possibility.
So much hope for the year ahead.

So how do I make goals? Why do I make them?
Every year when I sit down to make my goals, I think through some questions:

1. What categories do I think are the most — for this year?
For instance, this year I have goals in the following categories: physical, adventure, wifely, social, C.O.O., creative, spiritual & blog. Having categories helps me remember what I am aiming for, as well as keeps my goals focused. I usually limit myself to 2-3 goals per category.

2. Are these goals measurable?
It makes a goal very hard to know if I have “completed” a goal that I can’t measure. For instance, last year I had a blog goal of 500 readers. But I didn’t actually state what that meant specifically. 500 readers a week? 500 readers subscribed? 500 readers visit? At the end of last year I couldn’t actually tell if I had met my goal.

3. Are these goals attainable?
Sometimes I can get so “pie in the sky”  with my goals that they become unachievable. This can be a hard mark to hit, because I don’t want to make my goals too easy, but they have to be attainable.

4. What is my BHAG for this year?
Every year I make at least one Big Hairy Audacious Goal.

These goals are the most fun to make. They are the ones that seem impossible, but I really hope they happen.

So that’s the process. Check back this weekend as I talk about a few of my actual goals for this year. I will also show you what a BHAG looks like. Imagine small and furry.

What process do you go through every year when you make goals? Do you have specific  categories, or do you organize your goals a different way? Do share!




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