My 2011 goals

After lots of dreaming about this year…and praying about what 2011 holds, here are some of my personal goals.

Handwrite and mail a letter/card to one friend a month (social)
Don’t you just love getting real mail? Me too! I thought I might be a part of that process by blessing one friend  a month with a real letter.

Find ways to bring in $ to our family income (wifely)
My amazing husband works hard to bring in income. And our needs are completely covered by his income. But we have some dreams in our heart that need extra funding to happen (like a trip to Africa for a wedding, or saving for a hoped-for future adoption). I would love to find a way to participate in that.

Intentionally move 3-4 times a week (physical)
Swim? Yes. Yoga? Yes. Walking? Yes.
Sometimes I get too specific on this type of goal, and I realized that in order to be where I want to be, I simply need to move. Intentionally.

Start a garden (C.O.O.)
O man, am I excited about this one! I have been reading lots of library books and dreaming about what I will plant. It’s going to be so fun! And a bit challenging, since baby Watson is due to arrive right around planting time. It’s my goal to have everything ready (the beds, etc.) so I just have to simply plant. Wish me luck!

Do a devotional study throughout the year (spiritual)
Last year it was my goal to read through the Bible in a year. I did so-so. I had thought that I would simply try again, but as I was writing that goal down I distinctly felt like it just didn’t fit this year. So instead, I am going to be working my way through several studies this year. I am really excited about it.

Visit 3 “fun events” around our town (adventure)
With a small child on the way, I knew a dream of a major physical undertaking (read, 4 day hike) was out of the question.  But we have lots of fun things that I have never done right in our hometown area. There are berry farms to visit, and festivals that I have heard of but never been to. This year, I am going to at least three.

Open an Etsy store (creative)
Eeks!!! This is a big one for me. I hand-make hardback journals, and I have wanted to sell them for quite a while. This year I plan to open my own Etsy store. Stay tuned.

Post “Life Through My Lens” every Friday of the year (blog)
I really enjoy photography. I enjoy editing pictures a whole lot. I want to practice getting better. This is one way to do that.

And finally, my personal BHAG –
Purchase a Nikon D90
O man.  That’s a whole lot of dollar signs.

By the way, I promised you I would show you what a BHAG looks like….well, here it is! (courtesy of my artistic husband)….

Isn’t it CUTE?
And a little scary. Which is just as a BHAG should be.

So there you go, some of my personal goals for the year. This is a process I have really enjoyed. It’s so much fun to dream about the future – isn’t it? I know many people try and have their goals down by the time the new year starts, but I find that I prayerfully consider mine well into January. I want to be able to scratch certain ones off that really don’t fit, or add new ones on that I think are important.

Enjoying the journey ~

Do you have any goals for 2011 that you want to share with the community? We can keep each other accountable!


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