Resolutions….can I keep them?

I haven’t read my Bible or my Bible study in 5 days.

That is my confession.

So, then, what keeps me from throwing out all of my good intentions and heart’s desires?

This is the question so many people face around this time of year. We are all several weeks into our “New Year’s Resolutions”…and the gyms are slowly emptying; our plates slowly filling with the things we don’t need to eat; our time being eaten away by things that don’t really matter…

I grow distracted by my own “to do list”…I forget to stop and be with the ones who matter the most – Christ, my darling husband, dear friends.

So how do I regain balance?
Find hope?
Stay true to the things I feel called to do this year?

Here are some ways I have found that work for me:

1. I encourage myself by reading about other’s journey’s. Like Ann’s path towards prayer, or Michelle’s leaning in birth. Sometimes just knowing there are others out there who are in similar places is enough to keep me going (or get me started again).

2. I talk with dear friends who keep me accountable & encourage my heart.

3. I start over. I don’t try and “make up” for the time I lost. For instance, if I miss a few days of Bible reading, I don’t try to go back and read all that I have missed. I just pick up right where I would be if I hadn’t stopped.
Sometimes the make-up work can be the most daunting part. It’s a new day, why should I have to try & do all the things that were meant to be in yesterday? That will make today very crowded, and overwhelming.

4. I don’t chide myself.
I don’t guilt trip myself.
I just start over.

5.  I remember that it is truly about little choices. I couldn’t have said it better myself.


What about you? How do you pick yourself up & keep going when you fail?




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