Blog Links for a Momma’s heart

Hello all!

Having a small one changes everything. In the best way possible.
I am loving every minute with my tiny little girl, and I cannot imagine life without her.
Her dad & I are doing awesome. We had our first date night last night (hamburgers from a restaurant and a movie at home). It is vital to keep your second priorities, second (after Christ).

I thought I would share with you guys a few links that have been either a blessing or interesting to this mom over the last few days.

Displaying Kid’s Art on Momformation Blog
This blog is written by another favorite blogger family of mine, but this one is especially about living with kids & how they approach it. Although little Makena isn’t drawing yet, this was such a fun idea & I think possible to even make?

Communing Daily with the Lord as a Mother by Passionate Homemaking
This is true for anyone, regardless of being a mother or not, but it was a challenge to me.

How to Just Keep Breathing by A Holy Experience
One of my favorite bloggers of all time. Such a beautiful written work about birth and raising a child.

I hope you guys enjoy these links.
I will be back soon with some new thoughts on being married to a doctor and having a baby 🙂

Enjoying every minute of the journey,
~ Melissa


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