A wife’s role: guarding the peace of my home

My little girl was three weeks old yesterday.

The first two weeks were a breeze. The last one has become increasingly more difficult. Although she is not “officially” diagnosed yet (there is a rule of 3 hours, at least 3 days a week, for 3 weeks) – she is leaning heavily towards becoming a colicky baby.
And it breaks my heart.

The last several nights she has cried for several hours, and by “cried”, I mean screamed…with real little tears on her face.

As we have added the role of “parent” to our lives, my dearest husband and  I have asked ourselves what our roles look like now. Even though we have almost 5 years of marriage under our belt (thank goodness!), things are different now that we have a little soul in our charge.

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Today, I awoke to an absolutely wrecked house. Dishes piled high, laundry that needed to be done, and a husband headed into a full day of work. When Makena finally went down for a mid-morning nap (after another bout of her screaming-cry), I went to the Lord. My heart needed to hear Him. He knows us. He knows my daughter. He knows my heart and my house.
I can read 100 books and blogs, but no one can answer my questions like He can.

After spending a few quiet moments with Him, I got up revived. I spent her nap time straightening the house and realized that as a wife it is my responsibility to guard the peace of our home. For me (today), that meant several things:
1. Spend time with the Lord
2. Clean the dishes
3. Fold the laundry
4. Do a quick pick-up of our home
5. Brainstorm with the Lord about our daughter’s new symptoms & how to help her.

While I don’t think that this list is a rule book of what it looks like the guard the peace of your home, the question to all of you women is – what does it look like for you, today?
I fully believe the the husband is the head of the home, and in his own way is called to guard it’s peace. But I am here everyday – I choose how clean it will be (for the most part), how peaceful it will feel, and what the routines and pace of our home life will look like.

Today, fighting to guard our peace looked like this:

Photo credit

How are you called to guard your home today?


9 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Myndi Sullivan McCallum on April 5, 2011 at 11:25 am

    Ahh, Melissa… this is one of my favorite posts on your blog to date – and there have been several ‘favorites’ so far… Guarding the Peace of my home speaks LOUDLY to me. Thank you for sharing this on your blog. I know it’s from your heart and from the Lord! 🙂 While Nathan and I don’t have children YET, we DO have a marriage and a friendship and a HOME…and we have seen how it’s all too easy for us to allow ‘stuff’ to interrupt our lives in a not-good way. I’m going to take your words to heart – about guarding the peace of my home – and ask my Father to show me what He wants me to do…today…and for the rest of our lives! (I LOVE the pics of your sweet baby girl! God WILL show you what she needs to help her feel better!)
    Love you!


  2. Posted by Krichele on April 5, 2011 at 9:13 pm

    Hey Mamma Watson,
    So fun to hear your heart. A while ago my sweet husband read an exerpt from Bonhoefer’s “Letter’s From Prison” which spoke to just this subject. He eloquently described the roles God created man and woman for and how they perfectly compliment each other. He described how the woman is called to create a home for her family which is a refuge, a spiritual sanctuary from the world; and that God created woman with unique gifts to be able to provide this for her family. What a high calling this is, and what a blessed role, to be able to create a place of peace and refuge, a place for the one’s you love the most to come and find rest. Good job friend! I love hearing your heart 🙂

    love shell


    • I have often wondered where that passage was. We talked about it lying on benches in a park in D.C. Remember? And how fun is it that we share memories like that? So many more to come…


  3. Posted by Donna Martin on April 6, 2011 at 1:23 am

    I just love this. Thank you so much for posting that! I sometimes struggle with my role as wife and mother and with two kids it is even more difficult; but that just confirmed to me how important my role is and how powerful even the smallest acts can be. Love you… miss you! You’re my hero today!


  4. Posted by Megan Shiver on October 9, 2012 at 11:05 am

    Hey! You might not know me, but I am the wife of one of Joel’s friends, and my husband is finishing up his third year of residency. We are expecting a baby in March. I started reading your blog when I was perusing Luke’s Facebook account and I just wanted to say what an encouragement it has been to me! We are facing some big changes this next year and last year was very difficult. Thanks for sharing your experiences.


    • Posted by Melissa on October 9, 2012 at 11:17 am


      Hi! 🙂 I actually know exactly who you are…you and your gorgeous red hair!! Medical life can be so challenging…this year Joel is the chief resident & we have faced several mountains we have had to climb, as well. Actually, I have been feeling like I have gotten away from some of blogging about “life as a doctor’s wife”, which was my original intent. I am working on some posts for when these 31 Days are done & I am excited about it.
      Love to Luke & SO excited for your first baby! March is the greatest month to have a baby 🙂


  5. Posted by Megan Shiver on October 10, 2012 at 1:32 pm

    Okay, I thought I’d be safe and introduce myself…just in case you thought I was weirdly stalking your blog. Which I sort of was : ) I’m looking forward to some more ‘doctor’s wife’ posts. I confess I haven’t thought much about what that means for me since I have a full-time career at the hospital, as well, at this point. But you’ve given some great food for thought. We’ve also been simplifying, preparing for baby and me staying home full-time. I used the ‘Organizing Simplicity’ book/templates, which have been super helpful. Also, reading back, I’m afraid (glad? 🙂 we may have a similar driven personality and similar experiences in other areas, as well. Anyways. Thanks again for taking the time to blog!


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