Writing for my heart

This blog has suffered, and I often wonder why. I think it’s because I get frozen when I go to write. I think about the people I want to read this blog. I think about what they might want to read, or need to hear. I think about the fact that it is a “doctor’s wife” blog, so shouldn’t I include something about being a doctor’s wife in every blog? Or at least marriage? Or residency? Or…something medical?

But the truth is that this blog doesn’t really do what I want it to…it’s not a creative outlet for my heart. Not a place where I come and pour out all of my thoughts onto a blank canvas and just see what picture is painted. Not a place where I simply share my life. The simple and ordinary parts of every day, as well as the great revelations.

I hope to change that.
No, I must change it. Or this blog will continue to stagnate & become lifeless. Burdensome. Difficult.

So, here’s to a new season of sharing what is simply happening every day in this woman’s life.  The boring, the inspiring, and hopefully it will all turn out to be simply beautiful. Because isn’t “everything beautiful in His time”?

To enjoying this blog as part of the journey,
~ Melissa


One response to this post.

  1. Way to go! Looking forward to reading things from your heart and your current reality!


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