A season of change

It has been a while since I have written. Sorry for the silence, but what an incredibly crazy several weeks it has been! A few days ago my husband and I were talking about these past several months and we both agreed that this has been the highest stress we have encountered on a consistent basis since we have been married. That’s a lot of stress for a couple who has been through both medical school and most of residency!

Here’s what has been going on in our house:

1. My husband accepted the position of chief in his program. Although that “technically” starts on July 1st, in reality he has been serving in this role since the beginning of May. And although we hear it will all even out, the transition into this role has been packed with new responsibilities, preparation for the coming year and a steep learning curve.

2. Joel becoming chief meant that I am in the role of “chief wife” (creative title, eh?). So I was honored to plan for several brunches during our retreat in late June, and I will lead the wives Bible study and spearhead any new changes or events I would like to see happen this year. It is an exciting role, but a lot of work. (Thankfully I have help in the form of our chaplain wife and amazing faculty wives).

3. O yes, I had a baby! I went several days over my due date and our 2nd daughter was born about 10 days before the end-of-residency-year retreat that happens each June. The one that Joel helps to run. And that I am supposed to help coordinate. Whew! And now we are in the transition from one to two. That’s a whole journey in itself.

4. We have had my mom come visit, Joel’s parents and youngest brother visit and Joel’s other brother get married.

5. We are moving…yet again. We found out a few days ago that our landlords wouldn’t be able to renew our lease as they need to occupy this house again. So we are facing our 6th move in 6 years of marriage. We are in the middle of searching for a new home and planning for that transition, which will happen mid-September.

It has been a lot. A whole, whole lot. And some things have suffered (this blog being one). But I am prayerfully hopeful that the suffering is short-term.

Hope to be back soon with more stories!


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