Clearing the clutter : A Simple September

A few nights ago I was sitting in the silence of my home. The children were asleep (yes, miracles happen) and my amazing, hard-working husband was on call at the hospital. The house was clean enough I could ignore it, the laundry folded and waiting to be put away at another time. I was left alone with my thoughts. And here is where they took me…

Several years ago I had a series of blog posts called Project:Simplify that I tackled. It was an effort to pare down the possessions we owned and get rid of excess. In the middle of that journey I discovered I was pregnant with our first daughter. Here I am, a little over two years later, and I find myself once again thinking about simplifying. Why?

Among other things, it was what happenned the other evening. My daughter and I were outside, she was playing while I caught up on my blog reading via my Ipad. At one point I could tell she was getting frustrated. And I was frustrated with her. Why couldn’t she stop putting rocks in my lap and just let me read? Why did she always have to beg for my atten–oh. She was begging for my attention. “Mom”, she was saying with her actions, “please play with me, please notice me, please show me I am important to you.” I remembered something a friend had told me once. She said, “when I think of my parents, the first picture that comes to mind is them sitting in their chairs with their cell phones and gadgets.” And I thought that if I wasn’t careful, this is what my own daughter would say about me.

After I put her to bed I was pondering this situation, and realizing how much I need to simplify. My life is so crowded with things that are not, in reality, very important. And it is lacking in the things that are. So I am dedicating the month of September to refocusing, and to simplifying. There are probably one million areas I could choose to focus on, but I am only choosing three. It is my hope that in shoring up the weakest points, in tackling the biggest monsters of chaos, I will feel the effects throughout the rest of my life. And anyway, what is the point of having a month of simplifying where you try and tackle a few thousand areas to improve? It isn’t simple, in any case.

I want to invite you to join me. Lets make the month of September a month were we focus on what is important and clear some of the clutter out of our lives.
So what about you? Are there things you have let crowd into your life that you need to pare down? Perhaps get rid of all together? Next week I will be sharing what some more details about what the month ahead will look like for me, but in the meantime, will you ponder a little about how what you are doing today might be affecting eternity?

For the joy of the journey,
~ Melissa


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Angie Chavangi on August 24, 2012 at 2:41 am

    wow…this is a good read! Ok i know i have clothes that are now smaller and i need to let go of to simplify my life. my room is full of clutter because of things piling up here and there. i guess i am in denial of my weight gain because of my baby, so i haven’t let go of my old clothes…so i will do my best to get rid of those wonderful jeanz that used to fit. thanks for this melissa, you have blessed my heart.


    • Angie,
      Thanks for joining me. Clutter is so easy to come by & so hard to get rid of, isn’t it? I am in the same boat with some of my old clothes too, but my life feels better when I let things go. Thanks for joining me, can’t wait to hear how it goes!


  2. Posted by Kevin on August 28, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Great read Mel.. Always challenged by what you blog. Will join up and keep things simplified. Especially the part of doing things of eternal value. Started a project last year of doing one thing a day of eternal value and hoping by the end of the year I will have done 365 great things. I think i will start small and see how September works. Say hi to all:-)


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