A Simple September: My Goals

A few days ago I shared why I will be simplifying my life this coming September. Today I want to share with you some more details about why, and what that will look like for me.

As I have been pondering this coming month, here are the areas I will be focusing on.

1. Finances
A few weeks ago I was working on our budget and realized that we had been consecutively spending over our food budget for several months in a row. Of course, we have been hosting a lot and I have had a baby so convinience items were a little higher on the list. Nevertheless it was stressful to see how consistent I had been with my overspending. I talked to my husband about having a No Spend Month where we severely limited our spending and pared down what we ate and bought. He thought it was a great idea, so I had already been planning on doing that this coming month.

2. Internet
Wow, this is a HUGE one for me. The Internet is my catch-all for life. Bored? Internet. Tired? Internet. Overwhelmed by the tasks at hand? Internet. Lazy? Internet.
Of course, I can hide it under all sorts of guises. “Oh I really need a recipe for egg salad….and while I am looking at that let me just troll Pinterest for an hour.” Seriously, you don’t even want to know how many times a day I refresh my Facebook feed.

3. Food
Here is another thing I run to when I am bored or stressed. If my husband is gone a lot or I am weary of being mom I find a snack. And, unfortunantly, with all the guests we have had there is a plethera of unhealthy snack options available. This is carrying over to my 18-month old as well, since it’s easier to just hand her a cup full of graham crackers than to slice up a cucumber for snack. I know I just had a baby, so people tell me all the time not to worry about my weight. But when the scales are creeping UP after losing the baby weight, that is not a good thing. Plus I can tell in my energy levels and the way my clothes fit that I am not honoring God with this body of mine.

So there they are – finances, internet and food. The three main areas I will be simplifying this coming month. I am actually having a lot of fun dreaming about how to practically tackle these areas, and I am excited to share my ideas so you guys can hold me accountable.

If you are joining me, what areas do you need to simplify? Is it something “intangible” like the Internet? Or do you need to cull through a wardrobe bursting at the seams with clothes you don’t wear?

I would love to hear from you.

Finding joy again in the journey,
~ Melissa


2 responses to this post.

  1. For me i think it’s more like ‘staying on the simple road’. Cos am just streamlining my whole life after my hubby and moved here (US) a year ago. Still finding my footing on every day living! Am working on all three areas and then some 🙂 (except that my weight was not baby weight..more like American -food weight!)

    Awesome bold steps!


  2. Posted by Njoki on August 31, 2012 at 1:53 pm

    Food is a big one for me 🙂 and laziness to work out. Used to work out a whole lot, and now, I have gained about 10 unnecessary kilos. Always snacking on the wrong things.. Yaiks! thanks Mellisa for reminding me that I need to honor God with this body of mine 🙂 Surely, I need to be faithful and take care of this body the Lord has given me 🙂 Thank you Melisa 🙂


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