Simple September: the game plan

My Simple September project is coming closer and closer. And honestly, I am excited. And I have already started to “warm up” by doing some practical things to prepare for the month.

So, what exactly is my game plan?

1. Finances
As I mentioned earlier, September is going to be a No Spend Month for us. I originally got this idea from this blog, and encourage you to follow through to see lots more details about how this works. This means we will be severly limiting our spending. Instead of all our normal budget items (gas, food, out-to-eat money, entertainment money, personal money, etc.) that we usually spend each month we will be spending $300 total for all of the above. We will withdraw $75 a week and that is all we will have to cover all our gas, food, toiletries, fun, etc. It will be a challenge, and I am excited to clean out my freezer, eat lots of rice and beans, and find creative ways to snack 🙂

2. Internet
Wow. This one is a doozy. There is SO MUCH here that I could do, but I wanted to give myself some simple, doable goals. The interesting thing was that my initial thought was “I am turning it off completely! No Internet for a month!” But honestly? That wouldn’t actually produce the outcome I want. Because I want to learn to tame the beast. I don’t want to lock him up in a cage and ignore him, because when he gets out he will once again grow wild. Not only that, but part of what I really believe I am called to do is to write. Here, on this blog. And I can’t really do that without the Internet, can I?
So, my plan is to limit my Internet to one hour in the morning (before the girls are up), 1 hour in the afternoon (during naps) and 1 hour in the evening (after the girls are down and when my husband is working). However, two times a week will be “no internet days”. Since my goal is to post on this blog twice a week, having three week days that I can access my blog should be PLENTY to achieve that goal.

3. Food
I have to admit that simplifying my finances will go a long way towards simplifying my food! My first goal is to clean my house out of all the junk! Another goal is to figure out (and make) some healthy snacks for both myself and my eldest. I am feeding a baby right now so I need to be sure to be eating regularly and well. And my 18-month old is an active toddler who needs lots of refuling during the day. So healthy snacks, here we come! Next, I want to feed myself well. There are many days I skip breakfast or lunch and set myself up for an energy crash where I will just EAT ANYTHING. And finally, I want to ask myself this question before I put a bite in my mouth – “Are you eating because you are hungry? Or bored? Or lonely?Or tired?” By the way, there is only one right response to that question 🙂

So there you have it, a little of my personal goals where this month is concerned. I am excited about it.
What about you? Any goals you want to share? Hope you find some ways to simplify your life this coming month!
~ Melissa


2 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Heidi Schapansky on August 31, 2012 at 12:49 pm

    Good Job Melissa. I absolutely LOVE all your pictures. Your daughters are adorable!!


  2. this is great!! I love it. I have done a couple things in the past month to simplify my life. I got rid of my facebook, twitter, and my HTC android phone with awesome apps. I was constantly on these things!! I’ve been fasting and praying for some major things in my life. Next, I would love to get rid of my excess STUFF around the house. Thanks for sharing your goals! Hopefully, Ill see Makena (hope I’m spelling that right) in the walkers room at Believers soon 🙂


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