Time Abhors a Vacuum

Have you ever heard the quote “Nature abhors a vacuum”?
It’s a basic scientific principle that most learn in junior high. Essentially, there are no “empty spaces” in nature. If you leave a field plowed and come back to it a year later, it will be full of weeds and grass. Small creatures will have moved in and made their home.

I have been observing that there are other things in life that abhor a vaccuum as well. One of these is time. Like nature, there are no empty places in time. This has seemed especially relevant as I am endeavoring to cut back the Internet this month. It is leaving an empty place in my days. And those empty places will be filled with something.

A book I have been reading recently stated this : “With the constant barrage of information and communication, it’s virtually impossible to turn off the noise and busyness without being intentional.” And I so desire to turn off the barrage. My heart needs time to think. This month, I don’t just want to turn off the Internet, I want to fill that time with intentional living.

This is where it comes down to choosing. I can either choose what to spend those empty moments on, or let them be filled with things not of my choosing, but of circumstances. Those circumstances could be good things (like cleaning my home), or wasteful things (like television), but it will be something. My activity or passivity will determine what fills the vacuum of my time. (And I have found that almost always my passivity will fill the space with useless things.) Rather than letting my time fritter away, I want to make choices that are mine, and own them. Right now, for instance. As soon as this post is done I could do so many thing. Read, journal, clean. But the thing I probably need the most is sleep (my baby girl was up a lot last night). And so I will gladly choose to rest while I can.

I have dreams for my time this month. I want to fill it with creative space for my heart, my mind, and my body. I have so many projects that are floating around in my head that I want to do. I have people to connect with. I have a heart full of hope and song and longing to delve into.

What about you? Are you letting life’s barrage fill your time? Or are you choosing to live out of your heart?

Intentionally on the journey,
~ Melissa


3 responses to this post.

  1. Posted by Heather Johnson on September 4, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    I so echo what the Father is doing in you this month. I have felt Him calling me away from the “connections” of “needing” check the web, the email and FB. I want to draw away – since the lie I battle frequently is that I don’t have enough time. I DO have plenty of time – it is simply what I choose to FILL it with. Your post so so so confirms what I feel the Holy Spirit calling – to be intentional, to be restful, to be obedient in coming away from the clatter of life, and to get into the REAL of life. So thanks for helping me jump into obedience and greater FREEDOM. Life is meant to be INTENTIONAL….


  2. Posted by Susan on September 4, 2012 at 1:50 pm

    this is insightful. joining you in this journey & coming up with a list of what needs to be done away with.


  3. This is so good! The truth is that our time and our lives will be filled with something (even when we move what we think is most distracting)…and we can either fill that new space on purpose (like you said) or we can let some other distraction fill it. Love this! Very well written, my friend!


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