Around the mulberry bush

We interrupt our regularly scheduled blogging to bring you this update:

My little family is moving to a new house in two weeks. Unfortunately, as of this morning we have no house to move into. The house we were going to be in fell through and we are left without a next step. Thankfully we have friends who have offered to let us move in with them, should it come to that. And we are already set up to see two houses this afternoon. Hoping one of them works out.

I have to say, though, that I don’t think that this is coincidence. I am only six days into my Simple September and I have already seen that it is going to be a life-changing month. The chaos has gotten a little quieter, and my heart has gotten louder. And I am hearing it speak some things that are years in the making. I can’t wait to share them with you.

Last night I was talking to my husband about some of these things and realizing they bring a whole new lease on life. This morning I awoke to an email that said “Sorry, the house isn’t going to be available anymore”. I was starting to feel the stress of it, the weight of trying to find a place to live. And then I decided – to heck with that! I am not going to lose my joy over this one. There are small green buds breaking through the surface of some really old patches of dirt in my heart. I am seeing life, and growth. And I’ll be hanged if I am going to let some little ol’ thing like not having a house steal the joy of discovering some really precious truths.

So instead of crying, I laughed. And thought, “O well! I have a good Father who loves me.”
That’s all.

We will be back to our regular blogging tomorrow!

Chasing down joy in the journey,

~ Melissa


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