Simple September, Week #1

Well, the first full week of my Simple September has passed. Here is how is it going so far:

At the start of September I withdrew $300. This is everything we are spending this month. This week we spent $55 dollars. Our splurge was a quick drink from a local gas station while we were driving around looking for houses. It was $3.00 for both a drink for my husband & I as well as some chocolate milk for our little girl. It was her first chocolate milk ever! It wasn’t her favorite, but it was a fun treat. $51.00 was spent on groceries. We are using up some things from our freezer & we both had full tanks of gas, so we haven’t had to spend too much yet. We also spent a little more than we would have since we had some dear friends who we brought a meal. We also had a mid-week run for milk that cost a little over $7.00 (whew! Milk is not cheap). But I am really proud of where we are at this point.

This one hasn’t been quite as awesome as the financial category. I have been blogging more consistently, and for that I am glad. But I meant to blog yesterday & didn’t get to it (we have had a few sick littles and that makes life more challenging). I also am discovering that when I am stressed I turn to the Internet to distract me. This is a bad choice, as the Internet is quite a stress-filled place, since everyone’s life seems more amazing than mine. I end up comparing & seeing so much “lack” where I am. Not stress-reducing.
I picked up a very old book called “The Sacrament of the Present Moment“. It was written in 1751 by a Jesuit priest named Jean-Pierre De Caussade. It is not a book that you race through, but you digest slowly, sentence by sentence. In it I am discovering that I am most definintly NOT in the practice of being present. I am so easily distracted by what is next, what is more fun, what is coming. I think that this month is only the begginning of a long work towards being a woman who understands that this present moment is, indeed, a sacrament.

This one has been easier since our spending is so limited (I simply don’t have the choices I did a week ago!). I am seeing how I have cravings that I need to control. When my eldest was smaller we had a hard time getting enough liquid into her. We started mixing her water with small amounts of apple juice. This was quite effective, and it meant we always had apple juice around. About a month ago we went to only water. My daughter has transitioned fine, it is me who misses the apple juice! I find myself craving it’s tangy sweetness in the mornings. But as I realize how much I desire it, I also determine in my heart that food will not be a god in my life.

As I wrote earlier this week, my Simple September has forced me to find some quiet places in my day. And I have been shocked at what I have found…I have a few blog posts in the works for next week. I can’t wait to share with you what I have been learning.

How is your Simple September going?

~ Melissa


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