Day 2 : Make a plan

For me, the making of a home means that our space works. Seeing as we are living in 880 square feet with two children, this is especially applicable to us. For me, a house that is full of clutter does not feel like a home. It might BE someone’s home, but for me it doesn’t have the FEEL of home. I want my home to FEEL like a home to anyone who walks in. To be a place of large, comfortable, easy space.

This means making a plan. As we prepared to move into this house with our littles, I knew that I didn’t want to spend weeks rearranging furniture or trying to decide which room was best suited for which purpose. So I took about 15 minutes one day to measure out the spaces. Then I plotted it out on graph paper. I roughly put in the windows & doors (i.e. didn’t actually measure them). For my little house, one square = 6 in. I then measured all of our furniture & cut it out to size. This whole project probably took me about 45 minutes total. Measuring & cutting. Then I got to play house! I moved furniture & rearranged until I knew what would fit where, and like the fit & flow of each space. Of course I tweaked a little when I moved in, but all the major pieces were decided on already. I know some people love to actually move furniture around physically, but with two toddlers underfoot it can be difficult to manage that task. Plus, I really enjoy playing with graph paper 🙂

The key to making this project really work? Being content with 80%. If you feel you must perfectly measure each space & furniture piece, it will take you a lifetime! I am content with measuring to the nearest inch on both spaces & furniture. I have found that this works well.

What about you? Do you need to make a plan for your space? Is there a room in your house that would do to measure and play with?

Have fun making your home work!

~ Melissa

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  1. Brilliant, Melissa!


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