Day 3: The smell of home

One of the things that says “home” to me is a space that smells good. Or rather, more important, that is doesn’t smell BAD. When I walk into a home I notice if one of two things is present: a good smell or a bad one. In my own home, the smells that feel “home-y” to me is anything baking, or anything clean.

What about your home? When you walk into your home after a few hours away, what does it smell like? Especially if there is a lurking odor, track it down! Make your home smell welcoming.

A few culprits to watch for:
~ dirty diapers
~ standing dirty dish water
~ trash

A few easy ideas for smelling good:
~ candles
~ a good smelling home spray (although watch for spraying too much!)
~ sometimes when I am desperate for a good smell & I only have a minutes I will get out my favorite cleaner & clean one thing (i.e. the top of a table in the living room)
~ baking anything 🙂

Help your home smell good today!

~ Melissa

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