Day 6: Worth fighting for

One of the most important things about having a home is atmosphere. And there are several great ways to make a “homey” atmosphere. Good smells, handmade touches, no monsters lurking in the closet. However, all of these things can be present and a home can still be an unwelcoming place. Because one of the most vital aspects of a home is peace. Without a word you can tell if the occupants of a home are in at peace with each other. And if there is underlying strife, then no matter how beautiful the house, it won’t feel like a welcoming home.

Today my husband and I were able to make a home by working on making peace. We took the time to talk. To reestablish our heart connection and strengthen our home. We have an Enemy, friends. And our beautiful homes are nothing if we don’t fight for the peace of our home. Peace makes a difference. As we ate dinner tonight, our home seemed a warm, welcoming place – even though it wasn’t spotless.

I want to encourage you to find the intangable things that are impacting the atmosphere of your home. Do you need to talk something out with someone? Forgive someone? Reestablish some boundaries or open up your heart? Do so! I promise, it will make your house that much more of a home.

For the joy in the journey,
~ Melissa

P.S. Here is another post I wrote about my role as a wife in fighting for peace in our home

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