Day 7: Live in your home (and a quilting update!)

In this world where “going out” can be the thing to do, one of the most important ways to make a home is to be in it. Instead of meeting friends out for dinner, invite them to your home.  Rather than watching the big game at the local “pub”, break out the rabbit ears and make some homemade guacamole. Have a game night with family. Welcome friends over. Spend TIME in your home.

If your home is only a place to grab a few winks and change clothes, it will never be home. No matter how beautiful or organized. Your home needs memories. So go make some 🙂

Tucked in safe on this cold day,
~ Melissa

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P.S. I made the decision about the kind of quilt I am going to attempt. It will be a charm pack quilt, with lots of colorful squares. I picked these two packs & will mix and match the patches. I ordered this & my backing fabric, as well as a few tools I will need. Should have it all by mid-week! Woot!

Here is the backing. Which color do you like better? I am leaning towards the greener one.

3 responses to this post.

  1. Love the quilts! Where did you find these packs? Also, I love the green backing (but green IS my favorite color).


    • I bought them from a site called The Quilt Bear, but the best place to look for them is a site called Fat Quarter Shop. They have a whole section called “Charm Packs”. It is pretty much 5×5 squares of all the fabrics in a particular line. You can also get the fabrics in fat quarters, eight quarters & jelly rolls (which are pretty much different names for different cuts of fabric). Check it out, it’s lots of fun. (i.e. addicting)


  2. Posted by Kevin Malu on October 8, 2012 at 1:46 am

    Hey,the green one is great. It will be great to see the finished product…:-)


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