Day 8: Taz the house

Here is a post with some fun history of my household etymology.

Have you ever seen the cartoon “The Tasmanian Devil“? It’s an older one – right around the Bugs Bunny era. Which, in fact, is the best era of cartoons. Basically, the Tasmanian Devil is a small creature who is pictured as a small whirlwind when he is moving. He creates havoc & destroys things as he pursues his goal (which, in the link above, happens to be Daffy Duck. *sigh* Oh, for the good old days of Daffy Duck).

p.s not my house, just a picture of a messy one

Early in my marriage when I was explaining to my husband how I wanted to take a few minutes to straighten up the house, I explained it like this. “It’s like I want to take 10 minutes and go through the house like a cleaning whirlwind, and put everything in it’s place…you know, like the Tasmanian Devil, only backwards.” After a few weeks, whenever it was time to put everything back in it’s place, we would both just say, “Hey, lets taz the house!” Which meant, lets spend the next few minutes going through the rooms (usually the main ones) and generally straighten up and return things. There was no real cleaning done, no breaking out of the vacuum or mop. Just a general straightening up.

As I was making my list earlier for things I valued in a home, I wrote this:

neat > clean

For me, a neat house is more important than a clean one. Please understand, a dirty house isn’t fun at all. And I am not saying that by preferring neat to clean, I am perfectly content with a dirty house. But if I have to choose, I will straighten my house before deep cleaning it. I would rather walk into a tidy house that has dust bunnies, than a clean house where toys are scattered all over the floor. That’s just my preference.

Once again, not my house, but it sure is a neat living room

And so, at least once a day (but usually twice), I will taz my living room, dining room & kitchen. It takes me about 5 minutes, and it makes my house feel so, so, so much more like a home to me. This is definitely done every night before bed, as waking up to a “taz’d” house is so much better than waking up to a cluttered one!

What about you? Neat before clean? Or vice versa? Do you have a “taz-ing the house” sort of thing?

Hope it’s a wonderful day in your home!
~ Melissa

P.S. Sorry for the lack of personal pictures lately. I am proud of myself for just posting! Ha! 🙂 The next post I promise to take a picture of something in my own home.

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