Day 11: Do one small thing

Hello Thursday,

Today, I am uninspired to make a home. I am tired. My littlest doesn’t want to nap. My biggest is having grand meltdowns every other minute.

I am grumpy.


Do you ever have days like today? If so, I want to encourage you to do one small thing. It doesn’t have to be anything amazing. It can be simple. But just do one small thing in order to make your house a home.

Any of the below count:
– A load of laundry washed, dried & put away
– Dinner made  & served with love to your family (even if it’s just leftovers)
– Any cleaning apparatus used counts!
– Time spent on the floor reading books, playing games or just snuggling your littles

One of my small things today?

I made this loaf of bread. It didn’t look quite that amazing (that’s her picture, btw) but it tasted great & it’s good for my family.

I think I will go put a pot of chai on to give my afternoon a little pick me up!

~ Melissa

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