Day 12: A very personal touch

For my house to feel like a home, there must be things in it that have meaning to me. Something personal and maybe even (in some ways), private. One of these things in my home in this painting : 


This was painted for my husband and I as a wedding gift…nearly 7 years ago. And it is something so personal. Not just because it was painted for us, but because the message is something central our marriage & lives. Hope. Isn’t that beautiful?

Hope…fighting. Hope…believing. Hope…renewed. Hope…restored. Hope…undying.
This painting, while being proudly displayed in our living room, is also private. It reminds me of the hardest parts of the journey that I have been on.

I LOVE this picture. And for me, once it is hung, I am home.

What about you? Is there something intensely personal that speaks “home” to you? Do you proudly display it in your living room or keep it tucked away by your bed? Wherever and whatever it is, don’t underestimate it’s value.

~ Melissa

P.S. Yes, we need to get it framed 🙂

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One response to this post.

  1. Two personal items that represent that I am home are first a very candid but romantic photo of me and Val and a garage sale 🙂 and second a recent painting of the words, “It is well, with my soul.” These speak “home” to me and are the things I hung up as soon as possible when we moved into our new house.


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