Day 13: A real place

When I was considering what I valued in a home, one of the first things that came to me was that home is a safe place. While I think this is something that most people would echo this sentiment, today I want to ask the question “Safe from what?”

As I was pondering my own home, there were several things I wanted to guard my home from. I will be talking about these over the next few days, but today I will be talking about making my home a real place.

What does it mean to me for my home to be real?

1. My real home is safe from the barrage of media
While the Internet & TV can both be great blessings and a lot of fun, our world is a barrage of  media. Without even meaning to we can get sucked into a virtual world and disconnect from the real world. I have written before how I am saying Goodbye to the internet. I recently read a wonderful blog post about helping balance screen time in the home, and I think she has some incredible ideas on how to make your home safe.

2. My real home is full of real things
I know that the Kindle is the ever popular reader (and we do own one). But there is nothing like turning the pages of a real book. I want my home to be a place full of real books. I want it to be full of real conversations, and real touch. I want us to look at each other in the eyes over real food at the dinner table. Real food made with as many ingredients that are as fresh as possible.

I hope you will beging to think about what you want your home to be safe from. Once we know specifically what we are trying to build, it is easier to make a plan to get there. General goals are so hard to reach.

Happy Saturday!

~ Melissa

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One response to this post.

  1. Posted by Mrs Amy Curtis on October 13, 2012 at 6:18 pm

    Keep up the GREAT work, Melissa!
    With AC and our 2 oldest girls out of the country, your blogs encourage and uplift me during this time!


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