Day 18: It doesn’t have to be perfect

Early in our marriage, my husband and I started to encourage each other with the phrase “It doesn’t have to be perfect”. I married an awesome guy who happens to have perfectionistic tendencies. He is the one who originally came up with this line, and it has become a routinely quoted one at our house. Remember that values poster I talked about wanting in our home? This line will definitely be on it.

This morning I had a playgroup at my house. I had envisioned having these cute muffins out, and a morning filled with coffee and chatting as we watched our little ones play. I would lead “circle time” with the littles and it would just be lots of good, clean, organized fun.
Or not. The muffins finished about 15 minutes before everyone left. The coffee? Yea, didn’t even make that. And circle time with the littles? There wasn’t any. Not to mention that I offered at least 3 different types of snacks to the kiddos that I had either run out of, or they had gone bad, or I didn’t have enough for everyone. Perfect.

But you know what? It was still fun. And I hope to do better next time. I was able to enjoy myself, even though it didn’t go as I planned. And that is because I know that it truly doesn’t have to be perfect. Embracing imperfection means that you don’t have to have a perfect home to host. It means you don’t have to have a perfect life to befriend someone. It means you don’t have to have a perfect marriage to pray for and speak into someone else’s marriage.

Today, embrace the gift of imperfection. And invite someone in to your life anyway.
Because that speaks home.

~ Melissa

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One response to this post.

  1. Itsn’t it funny the expectations (or even just ideas) we have of how things will go? And honestly, we all were probably just as much (if not more) at home amidst your “imperfect” playdate as we would have been had everything gone according to plan. And if you ask my son if he had fun, he would tell you he had a great time! So I am sure he felt at home, too…even without “circle time”! Plus, the “to-go” cup of chai I took with me carried a little of your home into my home long after I had left. So, as far as the goal of sharing your home went…well…I think you did do that perfectly 🙂


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