Day 20: Ignore others

Yesterday I talked about finding inspiration. Today, I want to talk about ignoring it.

While the Internet & others can be wonderful sources of ideas and creativity, sometimes the healthiest thing you can do for your home is to ignore others. We can get paralyzed by others opinions, what is the latest fad, and how much we don’t have (or have access to). So sometimes? You need to ignore what the latest trend is, and just do your thing.

My sister, for instance, paints each room in her little house a different shade of bright. And it suits her. She could care less who says what about what colors are “in” – bright makes her happy. Bright rocks her world.

So I say find inspiration but be more than willing to let it go. Or ignore it. Because sometimes, what makes you happy and what suits your home isn’t in the rule books.

~ Melissa

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