Day 23: Tackle the master

Yesterday I wrote about the heart of your home, and I make the case that it is the master bedroom, rather than the oft-quoted kitchen. Allie left this comment, “oh my gosh… our bedroom is ALWAYS a total mess of clothes and stuff. We often put things in our bedroom that we are not sure where else to put them. Any organization tips or advice on making the master room a place to cherish instead of a place to throw stuff? The furniture, decorations, bed/sheets/pillows are SO inviting, but we just cant seem to keep the whole room to stay inviting”

I thought that this was an excellent question as I will admit to my master bedroom having the same tendency. Especially with little kids – it’s a room I can stick something in and close the door knowing they won’t get into it. All of that being said, however, I do think there are some practical ways you can fight for that space.

1. Realize you are in a war, not a battle
This room is something that, both literally and figuratively, you are going to have to fight for. Spiritually and emotionally it represents your marriage – the oneness, unity, friendship and covenant that are the bedrock for your home. Practically, it’s the space you want to keep beautiful and clean. But both of those things are wars, my friend, not battles. You are in it for the long haul. You can’t expect to do it once & then *tada*, it will remain that way for the rest of your life. (Not gonna lie though, I wish this daily with laundry – why does it always get dirty again??) You know how you have to wash dishes every day or the kitchen will be filthy? Your master bedroom is the same. Take the time to taz it daily – to make the bed and clear the clutter.

2. Start off right
If you have never truly tackled your master bedroom, then the advice I gave above to taz it will seem completely overwhelming. You have to start with an organized room to easily pick it up. So you may need to dedicate yourself to one really good, deep clean to get that room right. Take the afternoon or evening to shut the door and start to wade through all of the clutter you keep in there. Make piles (give away, throw away, put away) so that you don’t leave the room until it’s done.

3. It’s okay to procrastinate
When you are cleaning your room, beware of rabbit trails! So often when I clean a room I get sidetracked by another task. I am putting away the clothes on the dresser when I see an old T-shirt and think “I really need to go through my clothes and get rid of some stuff.” The next thing I know I am knee-deep in stockings and pants – not the original goal. If it helps, bring a notepad in with you so you can jot down ideas of things you want to do in your bedroom in the future.

4. Appearance is everything
Sometimes it can be easy to distract yourself from some of the purposes of your master bedroom as you plan and dream for it. It’s important to be practical so that you can keep this room clutter free. If you usually get ready in here & you try to move all your stuff into a drawer – well, it might just end up right where it started…cluttering your dresser top. So be practical – get a few baskets you can easily dump things in that really help to hide your clutter. Because sometime appearance can be everything. So do you need a new clothes hamper that makes your room look nicer? Or maybe a curtain over your open closet so that you don’t see all the clothes? Take a look at your room to see what might help your room be both useful and beautiful.

I hope this gives you some ideas about how to practically tackle your master bedroom where clutter is concerned. Of course, making your master room beautiful is such a personal thing, but a clutter-free room is important for everyone. Thanks, Allie, for the question. I am actually tazing my own master bedroom today & planning for this room to be my big project for November. Go & make your home today!

~ Melissa

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3 responses to this post.

  1. I really love your two posts about the Master Bedroom. I loved them so much I actually sent them on to my hubby! While our room is far from cluttered, it still does not feel yet how I want it to feel. Our plan is to talk about what we want our room to feel like and then work towards that. Thanks for taking time to write these posts!


  2. I made a list of organizational things and to do’s for our bedroom, which worked great for me! Our bedroom is looking much better. I tackled the closet and am pretty much done- just a few little things I need to figure out where to put. Thanks so much for your Simple September posts and these posts!! It has motivated me 🙂 I told my husband that I really wanted our room to be a place of peace and not clutter. And in “man terms” I said… hello, I will want to have sex more if the room is more inviting ha! It is true though, when our room feels peaceful and in order I feel it is a place of relaxation and a little get away.

    Good luck to you and getting your master room in order!


    • YAY!! So glad to help be a motivator. Hope your room becomes everything you hope. And that you will indeed find the room & energy in your own heart for time to make love in it. 🙂


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