Day 24: To tomes, with love

Today’s post won’t be very long…but when I planned for this month, I knew I had to mention one of my greatest loves – books. For me, a home includes my favorite books – loved and often read. I know that the Kindle and Ipad are the new ways to read books, but there is nothing like real pages.

Our books are special. Almost sacred. And so we constantly cull through them to make sure the ones we keep are tried and true. We have no problem giving books away or selling them if they no longer speak to us. Especially as “movers”, we cannot afford to cart around 20 boxes of books we never read.

So today I say, “Books – welcome to my home”

~ Melissa

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2 responses to this post.

  1. My parents divorced when I was about 11 years old and I remember my dad having SO many books in his apartment and later houses. It made me feel so comforted! We share a love for Edgar Allan Poe and would memorize his poems together. I developed a love for books through experiencing them with my dad! Today, he has lovely built in book shelves in his home and more book shelves upstairs… all full of really great books! We are “movers” too so the library is a great source for me and my toddler! I just downloaded This Momentary Marriage by John Piper. I’m totally out of the loop with the christian author world. Have you read any of his books?


    • I have!! 🙂 He is a phenomenal author & speaker. Really love him. I have so, so many to recommend. 🙂 I am making a list & will post it here soon! Let me know how you like the marriage book, I haven’t read it.


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