Day 28: A homemaking binder

Today I am going to start a three-day series about what helps me to keep my life sane. See this little folder? This stands at the center of what helps to make my home tick.

It’s my homemaking binder. These are all the rage all over the Internet, but I thought I would post mine and share a little about what it containes so you can get a few ideas for yourself.

Okay, so what is a homemaking binder? It is one central place where you can keep all of the details, ideas, dreams and to-do’s for your life in the home. It is a vital tool for a stay-at-home mom like me, but I honestly think a pared down version could work for any person (including singles!). A homemaking binder (or home organization binder, or home management notebook – whatever you decide to call yours) is your one-stop shop to running and managing your home. The truth is, if you run parts of your home like a business – well, it will be more successful & much less stressful. So, lets get into the details 🙂

First, I do think it’s important to note that your homemaking binder doesn’t have to be pretty. I just happen to like pretty. But, it does have to be usable. I knew I needed at least one or two “pockets” to help organize my loose papers I have sitting around – bills & etc. I don’t really want to three hole punch all of my papers – that is way to much work for someone who has much, much more important things to do. Like play with littles. Or make chai. Or blog. But again, that’s me. You may get engergized by having all your papers three-hole punched & put into slots. Rock on, paper organizing guru.

Also, you will want to decide for yourself what “sections” you will want in your homemaking binder. Here are mine:

– Life Flow
– Dreams
– Menu Planning
– Keeping House
– Seasons

I will be getting into these tabs more specifically over the next two days, but suffice it to say (for now), that these areas are not necessary for each persons notebook. You do what makes sense to you & allows you to flow. As a stay-at-home mom most of my life centers around the home right now. But if you are single, your homemaking binder may just contain the more utilitarian parts of life (menu planning & keeping house).

So, that’s it for today. But tomorrow I will talk about what my first two folders hold as well as something called a “daily docket”.

Enjoy your day!
~ Melissa

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