Day 29: Homemaking Binder, pt. II

Yesterday I gave a brief and general overview of a homemaking binder. Today, I want to talk about what is in mine.

First, I have links to the places I printed all of my pages from at the end of this blog. Also, I have most of these pages tucked into the plastic sheet protectors. Then I just take a reusable marker & write on top of the pages. This allows me to erase what I wrote earlier & add new ideas without having to reprint the pages. I actually discovered what is called a “wet erase” marker that only comes off when you use something slightly damp, so it doesn’t smudge when I run my hand across it. I use the finest tip I can find so it feels like a pen in my hand & so far I have been very happy with it.

Now, onto the first part of my binder!

Daily Docket

The first page in my binder is what is called the “daily docket”. It is my overview page for each day. It lists my to-do’s for that day, what I am praying & thinking about, and it’s where I jot down ideas for tomorrow. The daily docket I actually show here is one I printed & is actually a little complicated. I thought it looked pretty, but honestly, filling out all that info every day can feel like a task! And the goal of this binder is to reduce stress, not add to it. So, in reality, my daily docket will contain these things:
1. My top 5 to-do’s for the day. If I can accomplish one, it’s been a good day. If I get two of them done, it’s been a great day. Three means its amazing. Four means it’s phenomenal. And five means it’s been miraculous. These “to-do’s” are on top of the regular housework/cleaning work (that I will talk about tomorrow). Whatever doesn’t get done today will get moved to later in the week.
2. My meditation for the season. This is usually a verse, but can also be a quote (or two). These are just life-giving reminders and things that are good for me to see daily.
3. A place for notes – these are reminders I might need for that day, or a place to jot to-do’s for later in the week. Honestly this takes up most of the room in my docket – I am always remembering something I need to do!

That is pretty much it right now for the most “usable” parts of my docket. I am probably going to change over my current page for this one as it’s much simpler.

Life Flow

The first tab in my homemaking binder is called “Life Flow”. In it I keep an updated running flow of the rhythm of the season my family is in. It is essentially a running flow of mine & my girl’s days, starting with waking up and ending at with going to bed. It’s a “flow” rather than “schedule” because although it has general time markers on it, it really isn’t a time schedule. There is a “flow” to our mornings – eat, individual play, playing together, chore time. The afternoons include naps for the girls and “dream time” for me. Evenings are dinner, family time and the bedtime routine. I reference this often as I am looking at the day ahead, because in it I keep ideas about what types of one-on-one activities I want to do with my eldest each day (puzzles, coloring, etc.) I also list what shows on TV I feel are acceptable for her and when they are scheduled so I can include them in her day if I want to. It also just helps me to keep focused on the fact that I am making an effort to have a rhythm to our days & not just a random assortment of minutes all packed together. The idea of having a “rhythm” to my day, rather than a schedule was a result of these two great books:
Steady Days
Simplicity Parenting

I highly recommend them!


Under the tab “Dreams”, I have several pages.
1. Goals
My “goals” page is where I keep a running list of some of the things I hope to accomplish in the short-term. These are divided up into several categories – Beauty (of the homemaking sort), Cleaning, Out with the Old, Organizing, Planning, Blessing, Marriage & Leading (things I want to do in conjunction with the Bible Study I help lead for the wives in my husband’s residency program). This is the list that I refer to often when making my daily “to-do’s”, and I try to keep it updated often with not only the practical (cleaning, organizing, etc.) but with some bigger picture things that really speak to my heart (blessing, marriage, etc.)

2. Blog Weekly Calendar
This is where I plan out my blogs. I keep a list of running ideas I want to talk about, as well as the schedule I need to keep to stay on top of it. I don’t always do great, but it’s a place to keep my personal goals/dreams and ideas for my writing.

3. My “dream time” calendar
This is just a short list of things I want to do during what I call “dream time” (i.e. the few hours..or minutes in the day where both of my girls are asleep or content). For instance on Tuesday I like to try & bake something for my home for the week.

My Dreams tab is so important to my heart because it reminds me that life is bigger than just the daily tasks of cleaning my home & cooking dinner. Those are important things (which I will talk about tomorrow), but opening up my binder to see ideas for things bigger than just today keeps my heart energized.

I hope getting a peak into the very practical way I make my house a home is helpful! Tomorrow I will talk about menu planning, keeping house & seasons. Do you use a homemaking journal? What is most effective for you to keep your home organized & running smoothly?

~ Melissa

P.S. Here are those links I promised you:
My current daily docket from Ann Voskamp – she has much better explanations for what the various sections are
My “steady days” routine came with the book, but you can essentially write down your own daily schedule on paper (like I show in the picture above)
My Goals This Week printable from Money Saving Mom
My Blog Weekly Calendar from Amy Locurto

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