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Day 6: Worth fighting for

One of the most important things about having a home is atmosphere. And there are several great ways to make a “homey” atmosphere. Good smells, handmade touches, no monsters lurking in the closet. However, all of these things can be present and a home can still be an unwelcoming place. Because one of the most vital aspects of a home is peace. Without a word you can tell if the occupants of a home are in at peace with each other. And if there is underlying strife, then no matter how beautiful the house, it won’t feel like a welcoming home.

Today my husband and I were able to make a home by working on making peace. We took the time to talk. To reestablish our heart connection and strengthen our home. We have an Enemy, friends. And our beautiful homes are nothing if we don’t fight for the peace of our home. Peace makes a difference. As we ate dinner tonight, our home seemed a warm, welcoming place – even though it wasn’t spotless.

I want to encourage you to find the intangable things that are impacting the atmosphere of your home. Do you need to talk something out with someone? Forgive someone? Reestablish some boundaries or open up your heart? Do so! I promise, it will make your house that much more of a home.

For the joy in the journey,
~ Melissa

P.S. Here is another post I wrote about my role as a wife in fighting for peace in our home

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Day 4: Tackle the Monster

Everyone has a monster in their home…or perhaps two or three.

Mine was lurking in the bathroom cupboard. A few years worth of randomness all stuffed inside. I hated opening that cupboard because it always screamed – CLEAN ME! And then I would close the door and continue to ignore it.

A few days ago I took a deep breath and did it – I tackled the monster. About 45 minutes later I had thrown away a full trash bag of half used lotions, old toothbrushes and other random items. I had repurposed a few baskets & not have everything arranged to find easily. In fact, as I was going through I realized I had double the amount of razors I thought. Evidently I kept them in two separate places & must have bought more when I “thought” I was out. I have a basket for razors, one for deodorant, one for teeth brushing items, one for hotel-sized lotions and soaps. It is actually a pleasure to open that door now. Unfortunately, I was so eager to tackle the monster that I forgot to take a single picture. Oops!

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What about you? Do you have a monster in your cupboard? Is there a small task that you could tackle that would make your home feel more productive? Less stressful? Set a timer for 30 minutes and get after it! You will be amazed how much better you will feel!

Onward, amazing homemakers.

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Day 2 : Make a plan

For me, the making of a home means that our space works. Seeing as we are living in 880 square feet with two children, this is especially applicable to us. For me, a house that is full of clutter does not feel like a home. It might BE someone’s home, but for me it doesn’t have the FEEL of home. I want my home to FEEL like a home to anyone who walks in. To be a place of large, comfortable, easy space.

This means making a plan. As we prepared to move into this house with our littles, I knew that I didn’t want to spend weeks rearranging furniture or trying to decide which room was best suited for which purpose. So I took about 15 minutes one day to measure out the spaces. Then I plotted it out on graph paper. I roughly put in the windows & doors (i.e. didn’t actually measure them). For my little house, one square = 6 in. I then measured all of our furniture & cut it out to size. This whole project probably took me about 45 minutes total. Measuring & cutting. Then I got to play house! I moved furniture & rearranged until I knew what would fit where, and like the fit & flow of each space. Of course I tweaked a little when I moved in, but all the major pieces were decided on already. I know some people love to actually move furniture around physically, but with two toddlers underfoot it can be difficult to manage that task. Plus, I really enjoy playing with graph paper 🙂

The key to making this project really work? Being content with 80%. If you feel you must perfectly measure each space & furniture piece, it will take you a lifetime! I am content with measuring to the nearest inch on both spaces & furniture. I have found that this works well.

What about you? Do you need to make a plan for your space? Is there a room in your house that would do to measure and play with?

Have fun making your home work!

~ Melissa

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