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Important…or urgent?

I am generally a social, outgoing person. But I have found that with two kids and a busy husband, my life can get caught up in the crazy life of just trying to keep up with the urgent needs around me. Eisenhower spoke truth when he said, “Most things which are urgent are not important, and most things which are important are not urgent.”

For me, this means that I get caught up with chores, with appointments, with bills and schedules. I forget people, relationships, laughter, rest. I forget to open my doors and spend time connecting my heart.
Today I was honored to have a house full of kids. There was a lot of chaos, laughter and messes. A few tears. Some coffee. It was perfect. I let go of the “urgent” (I really need to clean my bedroom) and did what was truly important.

It isn’t always possible to ignore the cleaning – in fact, it can sometimes be the important thing. But most often it is playing with your child, or opening your home, or being brave enough to ask someone for help, or making tea and skyping a friend.

I urge you today to ask yourself – “What has my attention and time? Is it the urgent or is it the important?”

~ Melissa