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Blog Links for a Momma’s heart

Hello all!

Having a small one changes everything. In the best way possible.
I am loving every minute with my tiny little girl, and I cannot imagine life without her.
Her dad & I are doing awesome. We had our first date night last night (hamburgers from a restaurant and a movie at home). It is vital to keep your second priorities, second (after Christ).

I thought I would share with you guys a few links that have been either a blessing or interesting to this mom over the last few days.

Displaying Kid’s Art on Momformation Blog
This blog is written by another favorite blogger family of mine, but this one is especially about living with kids & how they approach it. Although little Makena isn’t drawing yet, this was such a fun idea & I think possible to even make?

Communing Daily with the Lord as a Mother by Passionate Homemaking
This is true for anyone, regardless of being a mother or not, but it was a challenge to me.

How to Just Keep Breathing by A Holy Experience
One of my favorite bloggers of all time. Such a beautiful written work about birth and raising a child.

I hope you guys enjoy these links.
I will be back soon with some new thoughts on being married to a doctor and having a baby 🙂

Enjoying every minute of the journey,
~ Melissa

Snowy Day Link Roundup

We are in the midst of another snowy day in the midwest.
The darling Dr. took an overnight bag to the hospital today, here’s hoping he has a quiet call night gets lots of sleep!

Here are a few things I have enjoyed reading recently. Thought I would pass them along!

A Valentine’s Day Project on Design*Sponge

Chocolate Valentine’s Day Cookies by The Pioneer Woman

Super cute pillows by AshleyAnnPhotography

A fun fabric giveaway! by Smashed Peas and Carrots

Early Morning Memories by GirlTalk

How to {make} Love by A Holy Experience

I hope you enjoy perusing!

Enjoying each day,
~ Melissa

Monday Musings

Hello dear friends!

Happy 4th of July weekend…and for those of you who have it, Happy July 5th Holiday!!
Hope you are enjoying it.

It’s Monday, so I thought I would tell you something interesting!

I follow 87 blogs.
That’s a whole hecka lot.

I have them all neatly arranged into folders on my reader (I use & love Google Reader).

I thought I might share a few of my favorite from the “Homemaking” folder.

1. Young House Love

This is a young couple who bought a house & chronicle it’s slow (and gorgeous) overhaul. It’s probably one of the first ones I read every day. I really enjoy the way they do what they do; their house is beautiful, and they aren’t bad writers to boot!
It also has some great ideas of how to decorate and the etc. Check them out.

2. Making this Home

Katie lives in the US and Germany with her husband. They live in 400 sq. feet in Germany! It’s her story about how they do it.

3. The Nester

I LOVE this blog. It’s sponsored by DaySpring, and she is always finding creative ways to redo and upgrade her home to a place that is charming and welcoming.
Her home seems to be such a place of peace. I love it.

These are just three blogs in a world FULL of them, but they have been fun for me to read. Obviously, I read 84 other ones 🙂 But I will tell you more about those in the coming days!

Okay. One more. I can’t resist.

I have this one in my “Homemaking” folder but really ought to be in my “This is just funny” folder. Which I don’t have.
I need one.

Catalog Living

This is a quippy one-liner site that makes fun of the pictures you would see in various catalogs (think Pier One, Pottery Barn, JC Penny, etc)
I laugh every day when I read it.

What about you? Do you have a favorite “homemaking” blog? One that shows you how to decorate your home, making it a place that is beautiful and welcoming?

I would really love to hear. Let me know about it in the comments! And post a link if you can 🙂

Enjoy today!
~ Melissa

Monday Musings

Happy Monday everyone!
I hope you all had a wonderful weekend….

Thought I would take a minute to share some of the random things in my head today. Because it’s Monday, and because I know how much you want to hear them.

1. Last week I became part of a demi-cult.

Okay, not really….
Some dear friends of our left the city after 8 years, and we had a small gathering of people who had been a part of the same community for said years. After drinking ourselves silly on Arizona tea, we all got a little crazy and proceeded to put on burn-on anklets. These are attached semi-permanently by burning the two ends of piece of hemp and then sticking them together.

Please excuse the carnivorous foot. Someone had a little too much sweet tea and was trying to play footsie with his wife. At least that’s what he said…doesn’t quite look like footsies to me, but to each their own.

The deal is whichever couple can keep theirs on the longest wins. The winnings? The two other couples have to road trip to see them.
Sweet doggie, I plan to win.

2. My house got hit by a train.

It’s been quite overwhelming. I have been overwhelmed.

So I escape by writing blog posts.

3. We bought a couch!

Hot dog. My first real sofa in my whole life.
It’s coming in 2 weeks & I can’t WAIT to get it. It will be a light mint green.
It will be awesome.

I keep telling my husband that I am ready to have a “grown-up house”. Somehow it still feels a lot like a college home. Which is understandable seeing as how the darling Dr. has been in school for the last forever. Those days are coming to a close.

There are lots more pics to come of our house as we refurnish it, but we were pretty excited to walk out of the store with this beauty (theoretically walk out with it, I mean).

4. I really enjoyed this post today.

Two secrets to keeping your house on track

From Like Mother, Like Daughter
One of my favorite sites.

Goodbye for now!

Enjoying the journey,

~ Melissa