A little about me

Welcome to my blog!

This is a place where I am exploring what it means to live as a doctor’s wife, fully believing that it can be a place of hope and life!

When Joel and I were engaged, I met so many people who were incredible negative about what I was walking into. Comments like “get ready to be single and lonely in marriage” were commonplace. And, unfortunately, so were many examples of marriages that had failed.

This will not be my story.
There is hope.

So here I am, taking each day one at a time, and inviting you along on this journey. Here’s a little of what you can expect:

1. Healthy marriage
(specifically to a doctor, but these will be thoughts that will *hopefully* be applicable across the board)

2. Budgeting tips

3. Recipes/crafts

4. Guest posts from the Dr. himself

5. Guest posts from other doctor’s wives who have different experiences/viewpoints than mine

6. Beautiful pictures
(I enjoy photography & hope to share that with you)

7. Survival tips
(for medical school, residency & life as a doctor’s wife)

8. Healthy me!

I hope you will come along and learn with me to enjoy the journey.

~ Melissa

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